DIY Christmas Coasters to do with the kids

If you read my entry on the Essential Oils, you will notice that I use a star-coaster to put my essential oils. This coaster was done as part of our Christmas craft for last year.

I love Christmas. It’s a time when I can do craft things with C. Following up from our Santa Box activity, I got C to paint and create Christmas theme coasters.

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Meet fish.

Just wanted to share my pride and joy.

As you would have read, I started C on Art lessons as I wanted to develop his love for the art, creativity, imagination, and also, in return, I hope it would aid in his penmanship. For those who have been following me, remember ‘Eek‘? C’s first creation?

C drew, coloured and painted this drawing.

I really have to thank C’s Art teachers from The Art People. They have done a tremendous job at helping C develop his artistic talent. This is C’s latest creation, hot from the oven!

Meet fish. C drew, coloured and painted this drawing. His teacher assisted with the outlining. 

C truly enjoys his art lesson. His ability to stay on the task has also improved. It used to be a chore to get him to sit through one hour of lesson. However, with his most recent creation, he managed to sit through one and a half hours to complete it!

Proud mum! Happy son!

Let’s journey together into this art-sy world!



Let’s put it altogether. Drawing, writing, colouring, speaking.

For those who have been following me, you would know that I have struggled with C’s penmanship from day one. I believe that good penmanship is important, and through it will form and accompany the other necessary skills that a child need to master.

Looking at these photos, I am really heartened to see the changes. The photo on the left shows his initial pencil grip. Back then, he was using left hand, and grip method. The picture on the top is titled ‘Family’. A year ago, I was rather amused that what I saw. I couldn’t see the family in the picture but he said he could.

A year on, C is now using his right hand to write. Actually, he can use both hands. Predominately, he will use his right hand to write and colour now, but when his right hand gets tired, he will use his left hand to complete the task.

This year, I wanted to do something which will incorporate what we have been learning the past year, from Let’s talk, to the writing and the art lessons that he have been going for. (You can find out more about what I have been doing with him the past year from this link.)

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Our Christmas Decorations – Santa Box

Every year, I will get C involved in the making of Christmas decorations. I see it as a family time whereby we all contribute to a joyous season. This year is no different.

Our Christmas Decorations for 2015

We made quite a few things last year as C is much older now and able to participate a bigger scale. In this post I’ll explain how we did the Santa Box.

Materials needed:

Any unwanted rectangular box; red cellophane paper; white glitter foam paper; gold paper; black felt cloth; scissors and tape, white or clear glue.
Cut out the following shapes. Gold for the buckle of the belt. Black for the belt. Two white wave-shapes rectangle for the shirt area.
Place the parts at where you want them to be, so you get a rough idea on how it will look and if you need to trim the white areas.
Tear out a few tapes before you begin to wrap the box. Get your child to assist you in taping the paper onto the box. We had to put a few more tapes as C didn’t know he should place the tape between the box and the red cellophane paper. 


Although we wasted quite a bit of tape, I thought this is a good exercise to train their hands.


We used white glue to paste the white areas on the box. Never mind about the space as it will be covered by the belt. You will notice I’ve cut one white area longer than the other. This is to create a more realistic look for the upper and lower body.
Paste the black felt onto the box followed by the golden buckle. C helped me out in this. 

When I told C we were going to make a Santa box, I think he had the impression there would be a head, legs and hands. So when I said we had completed the box, he kept asking me where’s the head. Haha. As it’s post Christmas, and I didn’t want the box to go to waste, I’ve cut open the red cellophane area of the box which is for the opening of the box.

We use the box to slot in cards that he has mastered reading so that there’s a little fun in learning and less waste from throwing away the box.

Bandage Tattoo #3 – Good news from the Doctor

Bandage Tattoo #3
Bandage Tattoo #3

We visited the doctor today to get C’s wound cleaned and check on his healing. I was really happy to know that the swelling has subsided and the doctor recommends that C can start to walk again.

He has been enjoying this entire week with no lesson, no school, tons of television time and Ipad time. At the doctor’s, he told her that he is a brave boy but he is one years old now, therefore needs to be carried instead of walk. He also told the doctor that his foot is hurting and he can’t walk at all. However, when the doctor tempted him with two sweets from her fishbowl full of sweets, he started to walk, first three steps holding on to our hands, and the next few steps, he released his grip on our hand and started to walk on his own. So much for his hurting foot and being unable to walk. *wink*

Today’s design is from the same book, ‘Can I play too?’ by Mo Willems. He’s been loving his books since we’ve been introduced to them by Dyan from her blog, And Next Comes L. You can read about my other reviews on his books that C has read:

We’ll be visiting the doctor again in three day’s time and if all goes well, the orthopedic in six days. Praying that all will go well.

In the meantime, have an awesome weekend everyone!

Bandage Tattoo #2

Following the minor incident, C has to dress his wounds regularly. To appease him, as I have done here , I would ‘tattoo’ on different images of C’s choice. Today is bandage tattoo #2 and below is his choice:

Bandage Tattoo #2
Bandage Tattoo #2 – today’s choice is Piggie and Snake from Mo Willens’ book, ‘Can I play too?’. He loves the expression from Piggie’s face and the funny tone that I give when I say “So?” whenever I read this book to him.

He’s feeling better today. We cut down the painkillers from four dosages to three. Although he becomes grouchy whenever the medicine wears off, he seems to be less aggressive in wanting to tear off the bandage, which is a good sign.

*fingers-crossed* for the remaining days to we see the Orthopedic.

Putting the artsy tip into practice & Let’s talk about…

Following up the art lessons that we have been having, I thought of getting C to do a birthday card for his grandpa since his birthday was around the corner. We glanced through the IPad for pictures that he likes and this is the one he chose. You can read through the artsy tips given by the teachers to help our kids to draw and paint by clicking on this link.

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