Our Six-Word Journey

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Recently in school, we conducted the Hemingway’s famous six-word tale. Basically, Hemingway claimed that he could write a great story in six words. And this is what he wrote:

For sale, baby shoes, never worn.

My kids in school absolutely loved this activity and some came up with really interesting ones. At that moment, I thought this might be a nice idea to start with the mummies in my ‘caregiver’s whats-app group’, and later on, to the community out there, be it whether you are a caregiver, educator, family member or the person living through this journey.

I think it might be difficult to expect everyone to come up with a six-word story like Hemingway, thus I am changing this to ‘Our Six-Word Journey’. Six words, six deep-rooted words, which translate how you have coped with this journey or is still coping.

Coping with autism or having a child with autism is not easy but having that support, or just knowing that you are not alone, helps to make this journey, a little easier, a little better. Join our community and walk together with us on this journey, with your six powerful words…

Tears of pain, loneliness, joy, gratitude. -Angela Ng, Mother, Singapore

These six words sum up my feelings since knowing my son has autism till present. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I have to say the support and love that I have received throughout the years have definitely made it easier.

Patience, surprises, understanding, humorous, loving, caring. – Angeline Lee, Mother, Singapore
Unconditional love, unique, patience, giving, encouraging, challenge. – Sheralyn Lee, Mother, Singapore
Challenge, listening, learning, acceptance, love, acknowledge. – Angie Lee, Mother, Singapore
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Involvement, patience, touching, heartbreaking, learning and surprises. – Feng Ling, Mother, Singapore


Please feel free to contribute to this page by emailing me your six-word story or journey at angelang [underscore] 77 [add] yahoo [dot] com [dot] au . Do provide your full name as well as any web address to your blog if you like to include them in this page. Thank you.


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