We did it!

Mummy, all I can say is well done. As a practioner, we only suggest what we think is best for the child at that point in time. And I still remember just last year, I raised my concerns about your husband’s and your decision to not send your child for an assessment. Yet, seeing him today, I can’t be happier being wrong. Certainly, both of you made the right choice in not going forward then and I’m happy to day he is definitely well-abled to handle mainstream P1. I have nothing more to say mummy.

Tears streamed down my cheek as I hear those words echoed out of the doctor’s mouth. Since suspecting something something was different about C 4.5 years ago. The journey has been a roller coaster ride with no end in sight.

And as I am typing these words, I’ve also come to realise that this journey is so personal. Regardless of how many other parents and siblings who have children or siblings with special needs, this journey, at the end of the day, is a really personal one. Even for the father and mother of the child. Do you ever feel so happy yet peaceful and tired at the same time? I feel that as a parent with a child with special needs, I have been on a long over drive. I have never stopped to really rest since the day I suspected or knew that something was different with my child. Be it whether I am asleep, I have also learnt to be half asleep, so that I can wake up immediately when my child wakes. Even as we are out on an outing, I can never fully enjoy the outing as I will be on the look-out on anything that might trigger him. Even as we are on date nights, our conversation might shift to our child progressively, and on how we can help him or her more.

I can’t seem to pen down in words the thoughts and feelings running through my head except that this episode has really re-affirmed my decision to be on part-time and re-affirmed my self-worth as a parent and as an individual. It has also re-affirmed my belief that we need to be anchored in hope when all else fails or seem to fail.

If you have been with me on this journey for the past years, thank you. If you are new to my site and hope to find some comfort to where you are in life now, never lose hope. I know I have had but I have found it time and again through this journey.


As we are headed for his formal schooling next year, I know it will be another new chapter. However, I am more than grateful for the ending of this chapter in a sweeter than normal note. As a teacher, I always give my students in school a sweet at the beginning of the year to signify a sweet start, and one at the end, to symbolise that we have ended sweetly.

I am glad that for this year, I can take one for myself. For it feels that we have indeed ended sweetly.


Thunder, thunder, please be kinder to my son

While I was in school today, C’s childcare teacher called and asked if she could speak to me for a while.

She explained that it was raining heavily, with thunders and lightning ongoing on her end. Immediately, I asked if C was okay. She further explained that they have been trying to calm him down for two hours but were unable to do so, thus they decided to give me a call.

C has always been frightened of the rain and thunder. Even at home, he would be crying and asking me to ask the rain to stop. I would always explain that we need the rain to water the plants and trees and he would retort back, while tearing,

but I am scare!

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Happy Mother’s Day!


It’s Mother’s Day in Singapore today. I am really touched to receive the mother’s day medal from my little C.

Joy beyond words.

I asked C what is the pink square, and he replied it’s my present. 🙂 He added that the stars represented how I am a star.

To all mothers and caregivers. All that you put in is worthwhile, whether you get a medal or not. For the gift is found in the present, which is your bundle of joy.



A, b & c


Enabling Masterplan 3

I’m exhilarated to be invited to this discussion forum to improve the lives of our children!

Enabling Persons with Disability to Reach Their Full Potential through Early Intervention, Education, Employment and Lifelong LearningP_20160507_132858

We are moving forward in this journey for our children to be included with mainstream, more support for parents and caregivers, smoother processes and support transitions at various academic milestones for various stakeholders. We are also looking at increase awareness, understanding and acceptance from the general public, and especially mainstream teachers and the student population.

It was a great session whereby various stakeholders got together to discuss what we should include in the next masterplan for our children with disability.

Slowly but surely, we’ll get there C. If not in time for you, but for the thousand others who will benefit.





Donut towel anyone?

Asked my son to assist with the replacing of the kitchen hand towel.

I was expecting this
He gave me this, explaining I said,”replace the kitchen towel”
Pointing to this

Laughter is never missing from this household. With my adorable, quick witted rascal, how can we not have a laughable moment each day?

Happy weekend everyone!

Remember to laugh a little, maybe laugh a lot. Just laugh. 🙂



Pronouncing Prague correctly is an important matter

Photo source: http://www.prague.eu/en/articles/prague-for-lovers-10535


A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. The words may be spelled the same, such as rose (flower) and rose (past tense of “rise”), or differently, such as carat, caret, and carrot, or to, two, and too.

Over the weekend, I learnt another homophone from my dear son C. Hilarious lesson to be learnt.

Hubby and I are thinking of going for a couple getaway to Prague without C. During dinner time with the family, we told everyone of our intention to go Prague. C suddenly stood up with his big eyes and looked at us:

Mummy, what?

Daddy and mummy are thinking of going to Prague, so you’ll stay with Ye Ye and Na Na (Grand dad and grand mum) for a few days k.

Say what?

Aiyo C, we are going to Prague.

Mummy, don’t say the word F**k. It’s a bad word. You understand?

Me looking shocked at what C just said and wondered if I have heard wrongly.

C what did you say?

Don’t say f**k. It’s a bad word. Remember?

Everyone at the table went quiet. On one hand, I was happy he remembered that I said he should not say the f-word, on the other hand, I did not say the f-word. 

Soon after, we all laughed out loud which got C irritated.

Stop it! Stop it! aaarrrggghhhhh…..

Sorry C. Mummy said Prague, it’s in Europe, not the f-word. Thank you for reminding us about the bad word.

You must remember. Remember, focus! (still sounding agitated)

He really sounds like me sometimes when he lectures us. Hahaha…

So my dear readers, have you learnt a new homophone today?



A, B & C 🙂

See you later alligator or lion?

See you later, alligator

Have you all heard of this saying, ‘See you later alligator?’

I brought C and my nephew who is of the same age as him to Gardens by the Bay to see the Sakura Blossom. After viewing the flowers, we headed to the nearby restaurant to have dinner. Before dinner, my mum asked if the boys wanted to go to the washroom. The boys said yes. Boys being boys, they wanted to go together. Before my nephew went to the washroom, he turned and said to me,

See you later alligator!

I replied, “See yah, crocodile!”

My son asked his grandma to stop in her tracks, and said,

Wait Po-Po (meaning grandma in Mandarin),

turns to me and said,

See you later lion!

I laughed out loud and said, “Yes, see you later tiger!”

It was the first time I had heard people saying ‘See you later lion’. I am pretty sure C was trying to mimic his cousin and thought he could just replace the alligator with any other animals.

Hilarious? Absolutely!

How’s your week been so far?

I hope it is as amusing as mine!

See you later monkeys *glee*


Photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Gru saying Goodnight to the Girls


Recently, C is back onto loving Minions again after we watched Despicable Me 2 on DVD. It’s Friday today, and normally, he would request to stay overnight at the grandparent’s house. As I dropped him off at grandparents, C suddenly turned and said to me,

Good night mummy, *muack* never get older.

The lift door closes as I gave him a flying kiss back.

I teared in the lift. I don’t know why I got so emotional.

I know C is still learning to communicate with us and others. He still has some way to go but such little baby steps are really encouraging to me. Often, he would reenact scenes from cartoons or movies with no link to the context but today, it was different.

I recognise the words from the cartoon and I was really happy that he managed to replace the word, ‘Agnes’ (the words from the scene,”Good night Agnes, never get older”) with mummy.

I wonder when I am filled with white hair, loose skins and brittle bones, will he still echo those words to me…

Good night all… sweet dreams…

Feeling nostalgia,


If you’re interested in watching the 47 seconds short scene, I found it on Youtube: Gru saying good night to the girls

Are you someone who speaks quickly?

Good morning my fellow readers 🙂

Are you someone who speaks quickly or one who cannot stop yourself to give your ‘say’ on the subject matter or opinion before listening to the other party?

Something happened between C and me this morning. He has taught me sometimes, we really need to listen before we talk. And the results might be more beneficial than we think.

It was 7 in the morning and we were getting ready to go out. I called out to C and asked him brush his teeth and wash his face.

C, go brush your teeth.


C, don’t let me repeat again, go brush your teeth or we’ll be late.

Mummy, wait, see

Don’t wait already. We have to reach aunt’s house at 745am, go and get ready. (raising my voice)

C raised his voice in a desperate attempt to get my attention

Mummy, see the wall. Lizard. Lizard. There’s a lizard on the wall. Reaching us.

(Now I am desperately searching for my spectacles as I cannot see without them)

I saw the lizard, it was really close to us. I am afraid of lizards but I need to control my fear. So, I asked C to move further back, as I got to the side of the bed, and knocked on the toilet’s door.

Dear, can you come out for a while? (pretending to be calm)

Daddy opened the toilet door.

Don’t open too big k, there’s a lizard just by the door.

Daddy looked around, then got out of the toilet, headed outside and came back in with a newspaper. He killed the lizard effortlessly with the mother and son still hugging one another on the bed. When he was done killing the lizard, C said, 

Daddy, you’re a super hero!

C was so happy that he kept saying daddy is a super hero as we got ready and headed out the door.

So, mummy has learnt, sometimes the foolish are the ones who keeps talking and the wise are the ones whose slow to speak but quick to listen. *giggles*

Have an awesome day ahead everyone!


A, B & C 🙂