A Child’s Gray Perspective on Circles Curriculum

Recently, I attended a lecture and the speaker spoke about the circles curriculum and how it may be useful to use this method to teach our children with ASD on social boundaries and relationships.

Circles of colours
My son calls this circles of colours 🙂

If you want to read up more about this concept, check out Jenna’s blog which provides clear explanation on how we can use this with our child. The basic concept is that we will use different circles of colours to teach our child on the kind of conversations, touch and behaviour we can have with the people within the circles.

I drew a copy of this visual representation of the circles in my notebook as well. In it, I have also written down social stories that I use to teach my son on the circles of colours. Things were going well for about a week until…

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Oh no mum, my blood fighting

Son took a shot of the ‘blue-black’ mark on his knee

Son: Oh no, mummy, my blood fighting.

Me: Wait son, I’m driving. What do you mean?

Son: Mummy, my blood are fighting.

Stops at red light. Sees the red patch on his knee.

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Daddy and mummy, stop complaining. So loud. Or I will be grouchy. Now go sleep!

Co-Sleeping Woes

C sleeps in the same room with us on a separate bed. We have sold our current place and am waiting to move into our new unit. We wanted to use this as a perfect chance to get C to sleep in his own room. Our amusing conversation before bed time with mummy, daddy ad C…

Daddy: C, when we move to the new house, you’ll sleep on your own in your own bedroom?

C: But I will be scare sleep myself. Mummy and C sleep together.

Mummy: How about mummy will accompany you till you sleep then go back to sleep in mummy and daddy’s room?

C: Daddy is not scare. Daddy can sleep alone. Mummy sleep with C.

Daddy: If daddy is scare how?

C: Then you go ‘grandpa’s place’ loh. Your daddy is there.

Daddy and mummy burst out laughing. C got irritated as we were quite loud.

C: Daddy and mummy, stop complaining. So loud. Or I will be grouchy. Now go sleep!

Daddy and mummy were still giggling.

He’s just so cute and never fails to bring laughter to my heart and mind!

Have a great week ahead my dear readers!

Picture downloaded from: babble

Thunder, thunder, please be kinder to my son

While I was in school today, C’s childcare teacher called and asked if she could speak to me for a while.

She explained that it was raining heavily, with thunders and lightning ongoing on her end. Immediately, I asked if C was okay. She further explained that they have been trying to calm him down for two hours but were unable to do so, thus they decided to give me a call.

C has always been frightened of the rain and thunder. Even at home, he would be crying and asking me to ask the rain to stop. I would always explain that we need the rain to water the plants and trees and he would retort back, while tearing,

but I am scare!

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Do you wash your hands before or after you pee?

According to the post on The Huffington Post, nearly ten percent of toilet users do not wash their hands after they pee. In that ten percent, eighty percent came from men. Seventy percent says they rinse but without soap and the common reason is that they feel it isn’t necessary, or they feel that water is good enough.

As a parent, since C is able to pee on his own, we tell him that he needs to wash his hands after he pees. Back when he was younger, we used to use the PECS system and ordinal numbers to teach him the steps after  he pees. It was a Sunday evening and I was preparing dinner while C was watching television in the living room.

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Donut towel anyone?

Asked my son to assist with the replacing of the kitchen hand towel.

I was expecting this
He gave me this, explaining I said,”replace the kitchen towel”
Pointing to this

Laughter is never missing from this household. With my adorable, quick witted rascal, how can we not have a laughable moment each day?

Happy weekend everyone!

Remember to laugh a little, maybe laugh a lot. Just laugh. 🙂



Pronouncing Prague correctly is an important matter

Photo source: http://www.prague.eu/en/articles/prague-for-lovers-10535


A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling. The words may be spelled the same, such as rose (flower) and rose (past tense of “rise”), or differently, such as carat, caret, and carrot, or to, two, and too.

Over the weekend, I learnt another homophone from my dear son C. Hilarious lesson to be learnt.

Hubby and I are thinking of going for a couple getaway to Prague without C. During dinner time with the family, we told everyone of our intention to go Prague. C suddenly stood up with his big eyes and looked at us:

Mummy, what?

Daddy and mummy are thinking of going to Prague, so you’ll stay with Ye Ye and Na Na (Grand dad and grand mum) for a few days k.

Say what?

Aiyo C, we are going to Prague.

Mummy, don’t say the word F**k. It’s a bad word. You understand?

Me looking shocked at what C just said and wondered if I have heard wrongly.

C what did you say?

Don’t say f**k. It’s a bad word. Remember?

Everyone at the table went quiet. On one hand, I was happy he remembered that I said he should not say the f-word, on the other hand, I did not say the f-word. 

Soon after, we all laughed out loud which got C irritated.

Stop it! Stop it! aaarrrggghhhhh…..

Sorry C. Mummy said Prague, it’s in Europe, not the f-word. Thank you for reminding us about the bad word.

You must remember. Remember, focus! (still sounding agitated)

He really sounds like me sometimes when he lectures us. Hahaha…

So my dear readers, have you learnt a new homophone today?



A, B & C 🙂

See you later alligator or lion?

See you later, alligator

Have you all heard of this saying, ‘See you later alligator?’

I brought C and my nephew who is of the same age as him to Gardens by the Bay to see the Sakura Blossom. After viewing the flowers, we headed to the nearby restaurant to have dinner. Before dinner, my mum asked if the boys wanted to go to the washroom. The boys said yes. Boys being boys, they wanted to go together. Before my nephew went to the washroom, he turned and said to me,

See you later alligator!

I replied, “See yah, crocodile!”

My son asked his grandma to stop in her tracks, and said,

Wait Po-Po (meaning grandma in Mandarin),

turns to me and said,

See you later lion!

I laughed out loud and said, “Yes, see you later tiger!”

It was the first time I had heard people saying ‘See you later lion’. I am pretty sure C was trying to mimic his cousin and thought he could just replace the alligator with any other animals.

Hilarious? Absolutely!

How’s your week been so far?

I hope it is as amusing as mine!

See you later monkeys *glee*


Photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Gru saying Goodnight to the Girls


Recently, C is back onto loving Minions again after we watched Despicable Me 2 on DVD. It’s Friday today, and normally, he would request to stay overnight at the grandparent’s house. As I dropped him off at grandparents, C suddenly turned and said to me,

Good night mummy, *muack* never get older.

The lift door closes as I gave him a flying kiss back.

I teared in the lift. I don’t know why I got so emotional.

I know C is still learning to communicate with us and others. He still has some way to go but such little baby steps are really encouraging to me. Often, he would reenact scenes from cartoons or movies with no link to the context but today, it was different.

I recognise the words from the cartoon and I was really happy that he managed to replace the word, ‘Agnes’ (the words from the scene,”Good night Agnes, never get older”) with mummy.

I wonder when I am filled with white hair, loose skins and brittle bones, will he still echo those words to me…

Good night all… sweet dreams…

Feeling nostalgia,


If you’re interested in watching the 47 seconds short scene, I found it on Youtube: Gru saying good night to the girls