Updated ‘Homeroom’ Settings

This is an update from Our Everything-is-there Study Station.


It’s been a year since I wrote about our ‘homeroom’ (classroom) settings. Freeman (1996), wrote in her manual, ‘Teach Me Language – a language manual for children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome and related developmental disorders’, that most techniques to get children to be table ready are based on behavioral principles.

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Progress report from January 2016 – June 2016

Below is the chart for C’s progress within the last year (Jul 2015 to Jun 2016). While if you were to compare this with a mainstream preschooler, C’s progress might seem slow. However, for me, this is definitely a feat! I am proud of how much he has progressed. In my next entry, I will input what is the plan for him for the next six months under the IEP tab.

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Our Everything-is-there Study Station within Space Constraints: Tips for parents

(Last updated Jan 2016)

I am pretty sure many parents out there have an area for their child to study or do their work. However, often, this area might be a common area shared by many people in the house. To study well, we should have an area designated for the child to do his or her work and necessary tools which will facilitate in them studying.

I know there are a lot of articles that recommend that we should take away all forms of distraction for any child in their study area, like bare walls and rooms. Sadly, I don’t stay in a palace. :p Since our home isn’t very big, C’s study area is shared by all of us in the house. I have our study desk, book shelves at one side of the room, C’s bicycle at one end of the room and our bags hanging in the other side.

However, with a little organisation and imagination, I believe it is still possible to have a ‘Everything-is-there’ study station or desk, which is conducive enough for the child.

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Progress report from July 2015 to December 2015

This is a follow up progress report on C’s learning journey for the past six months. His first two reports may be found on June 2015’s progress report and Lesson Plan.

I will include in this entry what he has mastered for the past six months and links to activities which assisted in his mastery of these goals. I didn’t link the Art and Cooking activities but to me, those activities helps in all the domains and it also allows the child to have fun while learning.

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Lesson Plan for the month of July 2015

I have drafted out a plan to infuse what is taught in C’s mainstream school, early childhood intervention programme and speech therapy.

Briefly, his mainstream school will be covering:

His Early Intervention programme will be covering:

  • Fine Motor – cut out shapes with straight lines; writes name with uppercase form
  • Cognitive Area: Sequencing; Counts up to 20

His Speech Therapy will be covering on:

I always think that by infusing what is required with the goals that we are hoping to achieve will receive an all-rounder positive result. As I conduct the activities, I will provide links to the relevant pages. Hope this helps other parents or teachers out there. If you have any suggestions on how I can make the blogs or pages more user-friendly, do drop me a comment.



Progress report on my son: ‘Out-of-the-box as the new norm’

Out-of-the-box as the new norm

The past few weeks have been what I call the progress report time. My husband and I met up with our son’s mainstream school teachers, teachers from the early intervention programme, occupational therapist, speech therapist and the private speech therapist. The list seems to go on and on… Continue reading