Chronicles of Our Journey since 2013

Our journey, the assessment, the interventions

Record of the assessment and interventions for our son:

I update this page every six months or so to keep a record of the assessment and intervention journey for our son. It is useful as a track record as well as an evaluation tool on what we have done and perhaps what we can do better.

I hope this help parents who are thinking of sending their child for an assessment to be aware of the wait time, or look into certain activities they too wish think might be beneficial for their child.

(Last updated October 2017)


2013 timeline

March 2013

  • Visited the polyclinic for a referrer letter to see the Educational Psychologist from the Child’s Development Clinic at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)
  • Visited Educational Psychologist (EP) at KKH
  • EP said our son is still young ( 2 years old) and finds the assessment for autism to be inconclusive

April 2013

  • Recommended by EP to attend a free workshop on Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

June 2013

  • Scheduled for a Hearing Test (Which our son passed)
  • Started attending occupational therapy at Health Promotion Board (HPB);
  • Given six once-a-week session with the therapists, afterwhich, due to their busy schedule, the next available slot is in December 2013
  • Called up EP at KKH to ask for referral letter; decided to send him for private speech therapy sessions after the six sessions at HPB

End June 2013

  • Did a speech and language evaluation at Mt Alvernia Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre: Evaluation stated that our son displayed communication disorder with diagnosis autism spectrum disorder
  • Commence speech therapy (ST) and occupational therapy (OT) sessions at both KKH and Mt Alvernia

November 2013

  • Second visit to EP at KKH. EP recommended to put our son on Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC)
    • EIPIC teams will work with parents to support a child’s identified needs, including:
      • Speech, language and communication skills
      • Social skills
      • Cognitive learning
      • Motor skills
      • Daily living skills

2014 timeline

July 2014

  • Got a placement to enter EIPIC (Wait time for the various centers range from 1 month to 9 months)

August 2014

  • Stopped ST sessions at Mt Alvernia
  • Enrolled in Playgroup in mainstream childcare

November to December 2014

  • Commence ST sessions at Mt Alvernia as EIPIC does not operate during school holidays


2015 timeline

January 2015

  • Stopped ST sessions at Mt Alvernia
  • Continued sessions at EIPIC

March 2015

  • Third visit to KKH
  • EP recommends to send our son for an official assessment (we have chosen to withhold the assessment till he’s six)

June 2015

  • Commence weekly Speech Therapy sessions at Mt Alvernia

July 2015

  • Commence Art Lessons at The Art People Pte Ltd to assist with his penmanship, balance and most importantly, his interest

November 2015

  • Fourth visit to KKH
  • EP mentioned that our son has progressed a lot. She also revealed that he is actually posted on the Global Developmental Delay (GDD) programme at EIPIC instead of the Autism Spectrum Programme (ASP) due to his early age and lack of diagnosis. We have to decide by November 2016 whether or not to send him for the official assessment as the entire progress from assessment to report will take about a year
  • I have mentioned to the EP that I wish for our son to sit for an IQ assessment as I think his reading ability is beyond his peers but sadly, her reply was that the IQ assessment with KKH is only done for children whom they feel cannot fit in the mainstream programme and would be better fit for special needs program. They do not conduct an IQ assessment to test if the child can or should enter a gifted programme. And, according to her, there isn’t a gifted programme for twice exceptional children (i.e., gifted children with some form of disability) in Singapore.


2016 timeline

January 2016

  • Started lesson at Tien Hsia for Mandarin
  • Started Kindergarten 1 at his current childcare
  • Speech Therapy at Mt Alvernia has been reduced to once in every three weeks
  • EIPIC lessons have been reduced to twice a week at three hours each time
  • Started Sunday School at a Mandarin-speaking church
  • On wait list for Gym / Music programme
  • Continues weekly Art lesson at The Art People
  • Daily evening lessons with mummy

July 2016

  • Stopped Art lesson at The Art People and Speech Therapy at Mt Alvernia – during the Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) session with our son’s mainstream childcare teacher, she commented that our son is absent too much from school due to his afternoon lessons at various venues. She felt that he needs more time to connect and play with his schoolmates to better assist him in communicating with others. As a result, we have stopped him from attending Art lessons and private speech therapy sessions.
  • Joins the afternoon drama play and social play in mainstream childcare
  • Sunday school teacher commented that our son is able to colour within the lines as compared to his peers and, none of the other teachers suspect that our son is on the autism spectrum.
  • Teacher from Tian Xia commented that our son is not afraid to provide answers in class. He enjoys leading the class during sing-along. Only thing is she says he likes to mumble to himself or he might speak to quickly at times, and when she ask him to repeat, he would say something else.
  • Teacher from The Art People commented that our son is able to colour and draw quite well. He does get distracted easily and require the teacher’s cue to focus on his work now and then. However, he is able to complete the work given to him.

October 2016

  • Went for our yearly review at KKH. After a short ‘testing’ session with our son, she agreed to put on hold the assessment till next year. She gave the feedback that academically, she don’t think he would have an issue but she is worried about the social part.
  • During the assessment, our son covered his ears and asked us to stop laughing when he thought that we were laughing at him, which wasn’t the case. He seems to be really sensitive about this issue and say he wanted to put us in a jail. The EP asked us to work on this issue and see her next year.

December 2016

  • Withdrew our son from EIPIC as well as mainstream childcare.
  • Enrolled him in a kindergarten that does preparatory for Primary 1 at K2 level
  • Signed up for Art Lesson with The Art People again as our son requested it.
  • Will continue with Tien Hsia (mandarin lessons)
  • We will be going for speech therapy at Mt Alvernia every term just to ensure that he is still progressing well since we have stopped EIPIC
  • Lessons with mum thrice weekly

February 2017

  • So far, C is enjoying this schedule better. I realised that I am not so tired and perhaps, am better able to enjoy the lessons with him and vice versus.

May 2017

  • PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) session with son’s kindergarten teachers.
  • Commented that son has a mind of his own and we need to be wary this doesn’t become worse when he reaches Primary 1.

October 2017

  • Met with the Educational Psychologist at KKH.
  • After a short ‘testing’ session as usual, she diagnosed him as fit for P1 mainstream.
  • I’ll never forget her words,
  • mummy, as a practitioner, I can’t be more than happy to be proven wrong. You all have done an excellent job with your child. There’s nothing more for me to add, really.


Love always,



4 thoughts on “Chronicles of Our Journey since 2013

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this informaiton about C. I am so happy to hear about how much he has progressed! 🙂 Also, it’s so wonderful that you work with him each evening at home. I’m sure he really loves that! 🙂

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