My toys are furniture


Mum: C, since you are starting P1 next year, you probably don’t need so many toys. How about we pack some and donate them?

(looks up stunned)

Mummy, but we can’t do that.

Mum: Why not?

Because my toys are furniture.

(Mummy is amused)

Mum: Your toys are furniture?


Mum: Oohh…hmm…then what can we donate?

You can donate your dress, mummy. My toys stay in the house.

(Mummy laughs. I love that brain of his. It’s interesting how he has gotten the concept that we don’t throw away furniture. Perhaps it’s due to the time when we moved house, and we told him we have to pack up all the furniture and bring to the new place, and during that move, I donated a pile of my clothes away. Don’t you just love their memory? Have a great week ahead, readers!)

Photo via Visualhunt


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