A Child’s Gray Perspective on Circles Curriculum

Recently, I attended a lecture and the speaker spoke about the circles curriculum and how it may be useful to use this method to teach our children with ASD on social boundaries and relationships.

Circles of colours
My son calls this circles of colours 🙂

If you want to read up more about this concept, check out Jenna’s blog which provides clear explanation on how we can use this with our child. The basic concept is that we will use different circles of colours to teach our child on the kind of conversations, touch and behaviour we can have with the people within the circles.

I drew a copy of this visual representation of the circles in my notebook as well. In it, I have also written down social stories that I use to teach my son on the circles of colours. Things were going well for about a week until…

Today, we headed out of the lift towards the car park. C was walking in front of me and he saw a group of construction workers.

Immediately, he went up and said hi to them.

Within seconds, he seemed to have remember the social story we read on ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ and the circles of colours because he turned back, held my arm, and stood still.

He looked up at me. And I at him.

Then, after a short pause, he said,

Mummy, they are red colour right?

Mum: Yes.

 But mummy, workers help to build our buildings. So they can be orange too? So I can say hi and thank you?

Mum: (paused) Yes, you are right in saying workers help to build our buildings, but are these the workers who help to build our buildings?

I don’t know.

Mum: Then you would place them in the red circle and red circle means?


Mum: (amused)


I know there are a lot of gray areas when it comes to social boundaries and social relationships and this is just the first example that we have come across. I am sure we will have many more amusing, interesting moments to share later on.

In the meantime, have a great week ahead!







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