Oh no mum, my blood fighting

Son took a shot of the ‘blue-black’ mark on his knee

Son: Oh no, mummy, my blood fighting.

Me: Wait son, I’m driving. What do you mean?

Son: Mummy, my blood are fighting.

Stops at red light. Sees the red patch on his knee.

Me: Son, does it hurt? Or is it itchy?

Son: (touches the knee, sniffs a little) Yes.

Me: Which one? Hurt?

Son: (sniffs a little more) Yes…

Me: Ohh… that’s a blue-black. Just sayang (massage) it a little and it’ll be okay in a few days.

Son: Blue-black?

Me: Yup. It’s call blue-black.

Son: It’s not blue. It’s not black. Why it is call blue-black?

Me: ooohhh… hmm… that’s a good question. What should we call it?

Son: it’s blood fighting mum.

Me: (giggles) okay okay, we will call it blood fighting. (giggles)

Have a great week ahead!




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