My brain thinks of funny things

Photo: Istock

I was going through son’s workbook from school yesterday, and realised that he tends to write his ‘a’ in upper case form ‘A’. For example, ‘cAt, peAch, eAt, etc. I proceeded to ask him about it.

Me: Son, why do you write all your A’s in uppercase?

Son: mummy, it’s because my brain has funny ideas.

Me: (looking puzzled) funny ideas? Can you tell your brain to have funny ideas when ‘a’ is the first letter in a sentence or when it’s someone’s name?

Son: what? I don’t know how. Mummy, can you help me? Tell my brain to not have funny ideas? Please?

While this incident turned out to be a funny episode. A part of me can’t help but wonder if my son is aware, reaching out or seeking for answers too.


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