A simple & effective way to teach toilet hygiene


If you’ve read my post on ‘Do you wash your hands before or after you pee?‘, you’ll realize my child has the tendency to wash his hands before he pee-s, as he sees the entire process as just needing to complete all the steps but not in a logical sequence. I used this simple way which solved our toilet hygiene issue.

As C is a highly visual learner, I decided to use the PECS system to solve this issue. So far, it’s working out well. I’ve placed this board in the common toilet so when every time C goes to the toilet, he sees the board. For the first few times, he needed reminder to follow the sequence. Now, I do not need to be with him and I can hear happily three tearing sounds, which indicates that he has completed the steps.

C is really happy to have the board in the toilet. When he completes his toilet routine in the correct sequence, he will receive a high-five from me or dad. He looks forward to the high-five and I look forward to giving it to him.


Happy week ahead readers!



3 thoughts on “A simple & effective way to teach toilet hygiene

    1. Yes. He gets really excited. 🙂 There was once I forgot, and he kept his hand up, and when I still didn’t get the hint, he pulled my shirt and said, “mummy!” (while looking up at his raised hand). I realised then and said, “oohhh…sorry… (jumped and gave him a hyper hi-five)” hahaha

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