How to make a Gigantic MineCraft Coal Cookie



C is still into Minecraft. Remember my failed attempt at making the Minecraft popsicle pigs? C is asking for something Minecraft again. Again, I turned to my trusted ‘Nerdy Mummies‘ on YouTube for ideas.


Read on to see how we made our gigantic Minecraft Coal Cookie.


This is our final product. It is a really huge coal. It took us close to two weeks to finish it even though we shared it with friends and family as it was too sweet to many of the adults’ liking. However, for the kiddos, they loved it!

Materials needed:

  • Blender
  • One pkt of Oreos
  • Half a stick of butter
  • 7.5″ x 5.5″ container or any container to fill the coal
  • 150g marshmallows (1/2 a pkt)
  • Two butter knives (if parent and child are doing the activity together)
  • Kitchen towel
  • Tefal pan (non-stick pan)
  • Spatula (heat resistant type)
  • Two bowls to separate the oreos and its fillings


(time needed: about 1 hour)

  1. P_20160523_210112
    Watch the video with the child and keep the video around as you may need to re-watch it a few times when making the cookie.


  2. P_20160523_205906
    Separate the oreo biscuits from the fillings. We used a butter knife to scrape off the fillings.


  3. P_20160523_210112
    Blend the oreos in a blender. Have you realised C can press the blender button now? I’m sure I have shared this news but he’s not afraid of the sound of the blender blending anymore. 🙂


  4. P_20160523_210345
    We don’t have a butter brush, so I use a paper towel, rub it on the butter stick and smear it around the container. 


  5. P_20160523_211552
    Place pan on the stove. Turn on heat to medium low. Heat the butter until melted. When melted, pour the marshmallows into the pan. I turned the heat to even lower as I wanted C to help out in this part. He stood on a stool, and assisted in stirring the marshmallows. It really brings a joy to my face when I see this photo. He has grown up so much. 


  6. P_20160523_211659
    Off the flame. Pour the blended oreos into the pan. I turned off the flame as C wanted to help to pour the oreos into the pan. I love it how he is not afraid of the fire and willing to take that step to help. Still, precaution-sake, turn off the flame to be safe.


  7. P_20160523_211741
    Continue to stir the mixture until combined. It was really difficult to get a shot of C stirring the mixture. I had to turn the flame back on and I was afraid he might scald himself while I took the photo. Worrisome mum :p 


  8. P_20160523_214748
    When the mixture is well-combined, pour into the container and let it cool. Our gigantic coal cookie turned out to be really sticky and difficult to tear apart. I think it’s because I did not add enough oreos and too much marshmallows. However, I didn’t want to buy new food items and wanted to just use up current food items in the house. :p


I hope you enjoy reading about our steps to making coal cookies. It is really easy to make with the kids and they love eating it. Can’t say that I enjoyed it as much. I felt like I was eating mouthful of sugar one after another. C, on the other hand, came home everyday, asking for his coal cookies!

If you would like to try out some easier cooking activities with your child, read up on my other entries:



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