5 Simple and Kinestatic Ways to Master Spelling


Made a new set of teaching tools for my child this week to help him to master spelling in a kinestatic way, just the way he likes it.

I made two sets of cards from a to z, with vowels in red, the rest in black, laminated them, and added a fastening tape to the back of each card.

On a separate A2 board, I placed four stripes of the other side of the fastening tape.

Note: my letter ‘q’ has the letter ‘u’ beside it as I have taught C the spelling rule of ‘q’ (i.e., the letter q is always followed by the letter u). I have also underlined easily misread letters like ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘d’.

There are multiple ways to play this game:

1) Pair

Place any number of pairs of letters on the table faced down. When the child selects two of the same letter, get the child to place them onto the A2 board.

2) Letter

If your child recognizes the letters already, get him or her to verbalize the letters out.

3) Sound

If you have taught your child on the sound of the letters, he should continue by verbalizing the sound before placing the pair of cards on the A2 board.

4) Spell

When you are done with all the letters, get your child to spell words that he or she knows.

5) Random

The last way that we play this game is call random. We would pick out random cards and place them on the board. Using our Teaching tools_Match It! Sequencing and Spelling set, Spelling set, I would chose a few words for C to match. After completing it, he would try to find the letters to match the completed word.

C and I also competed to put a to z in sequence on the board and see who finished it first.

When we are done with the set, I will get C to keep them in the $2 box that I got from Diaso.

I am pretty sure there are many other ways to play this game. I hope you’ll find this useful and ‘concoct’ your way to play this set of teaching tool with your preschooler.




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