Our very own barista


This is a follow up entry on my ‘Looking at a way to combine conversation with artsy-kids?‘ which looked at at my son using his drawing skills to as assist with his conversational skills.

We have assembled the coffee machine and he is our appointed barista whenever we want a cup of Dolce Gusto coffee. Is it easy to use? Read on and find out…

Materials needed:

Dolce Gusto; A mug; the required capsules for the drink; a container to put the empty capsules and a stool for our five-years old barista
Pull out the gusto capsule holder and place the capsule into the holder. Slot the holder back. Be sure to count the number of coloured lever.
Press the locking handle down. 


Toggle the lever (found at the top-back of the machine) to the right for a hot drink and left for a cold drink.
Once it is done, the lever will automatically adjust tot he center of the machine. Push up the control lever.
Remove the empty capsule and place it in the container. Be careful of the capsule as it is hot.
Repeat the procedure for the second capsule.
Off the power button when done. Wa-la we have our very own Dolce Gusto Coffee made by our five years old barista. 

This machine is really easy to use and I think it is a good way to get our children to help around the house. As mentioned, we want our kids to be independent and everyday things in the house can actually be used to teach them independence, while building on their motor skills and throwing in some occupational therapy skills.

We are still teaching C to carry the mugs and cups on his own to the dining table. He is able to hold the water cup now with three-quarter filled water with a few accidents once in a while. Once he is more confident, and do not have ‘rovering’ eyes which always look left and right instead of straight ahead, we will start to train with the coffee mugs.

Have a cuppa! Have an ‘aromatic’ week ahead!


A, B & C 🙂



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