See you later alligator or lion?

See you later, alligator

Have you all heard of this saying, ‘See you later alligator?’

I brought C and my nephew who is of the same age as him to Gardens by the Bay to see the Sakura Blossom. After viewing the flowers, we headed to the nearby restaurant to have dinner. Before dinner, my mum asked if the boys wanted to go to the washroom. The boys said yes. Boys being boys, they wanted to go together. Before my nephew went to the washroom, he turned and said to me,

See you later alligator!

I replied, “See yah, crocodile!”

My son asked his grandma to stop in her tracks, and said,

Wait Po-Po (meaning grandma in Mandarin),

turns to me and said,

See you later lion!

I laughed out loud and said, “Yes, see you later tiger!”

It was the first time I had heard people saying ‘See you later lion’. I am pretty sure C was trying to mimic his cousin and thought he could just replace the alligator with any other animals.

Hilarious? Absolutely!

How’s your week been so far?

I hope it is as amusing as mine!

See you later monkeys *glee*


Photo credit: w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND


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