DIY Christmas Coasters to do with the kids

If you read my entry on the Essential Oils, you will notice that I use a star-coaster to put my essential oils. This coaster was done as part of our Christmas craft for last year.

I love Christmas. It’s a time when I can do craft things with C. Following up from our Santa Box activity, I got C to paint and create Christmas theme coasters.

Materials needed:

  • Two used or new coasters. I got mine from IKEA and they were the ones I have been using in the kitchen.
  • Invisible tape
  • Pencil
  • Mod Podge – I got mine from Art Friends
  • Acrylic Paint of your choice


  1. Use a pencil to draw out the shapes that you want on the coasters.
  2. Use the invisible tape to mark out the areas you want to paint.
  3. Get the child to paint over the area. C initially wanted the star to be yellow but changed his mind later on. As for the tree, he painted the leaves whereas I painted the truck the following day.
  4. Leave the coasters out to dry for 24 hours.
  5. After the coasters have dried, get the child to coat the coaster with a layer of mod podge. C loved this activity as you need not paint in any direction and just need to get the entire coaster filled.

This is a relatively easy activity that we can do with our child. The results are amazing as you can use the coasters after the mod podge has dried.

I keep one of the coasters at work for me to put my coffee cup and water bottle. The other one is used at home to remind C on the things we do. I think it makes him happy to see that we are using things that he has done. (Actually it makes mum happy too!) Haha

Have an awesome week ahead everyone!


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