Gru saying Goodnight to the Girls


Recently, C is back onto loving Minions again after we watched Despicable Me 2 on DVD. It’s Friday today, and normally, he would request to stay overnight at the grandparent’s house. As I dropped him off at grandparents, C suddenly turned and said to me,

Good night mummy, *muack* never get older.

The lift door closes as I gave him a flying kiss back.

I teared in the lift. I don’t know why I got so emotional.

I know C is still learning to communicate with us and others. He still has some way to go but such little baby steps are really encouraging to me. Often, he would reenact scenes from cartoons or movies with no link to the context but today, it was different.

I recognise the words from the cartoon and I was really happy that he managed to replace the word, ‘Agnes’ (the words from the scene,”Good night Agnes, never get older”) with mummy.

I wonder when I am filled with white hair, loose skins and brittle bones, will he still echo those words to me…

Good night all… sweet dreams…

Feeling nostalgia,


If you’re interested in watching the 47 seconds short scene, I found it on Youtube: Gru saying good night to the girls


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