Five Storybooks Suitable for K1/Preschoolers

It’s been so long since I did book reviews. It’s not that we don’t read anymore but I have been really swamped with everything else and it takes quite long to write these reviews. A glimpse into our nightly reading world.

C gets to choose from a range of books every night. Recently, I’ve been really tired so we are only reading one English and one Mandarin book every night. We used to read three of each but I think I am getting older, and more tired. I believe a lot in reading, not purely for language building, but for pleasure, creativity, and confidence building.

Below is the list of books that we borrowed from the library:

The links provided are from Book Depository. Although I seldom buy books as I prefer to buy second hand books or borrow from the library, but when I do, I would purchase from Books Depository as they tend to have free delivery many times throughout the year. Just a small disclaimer, I do not receive any monies from Book Depository. As usual, I just want to make it easier for my readers to purchase the books for their kids should they like it.

Back to our book reviews:


Zog by Julia Donaldson

Synopsis: Zog is a dragon who constantly falls down. Thankfully a little girl keeps appearing to help him patch his wounds and bruises.

Mummy’s review: I borrowed this book as it is by Julia Donaldson. C really like the storybook, ‘The Gruffalo’ hence when I saw the author’s name, I decided to borrow this book. However, C don’t really like this book. Among the five books, this was the book he did not really want to finish reading. I couldn’t even get a review from him.

Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson

Synopsis: This book begins with the introduction of a little baby and his parents. As readers, we are introduced to the baby’s father and the beautiful drawings done by his mother on the wall.
Synopsis: One day, the baby gets bored and decides to add some colours to his mother’s drawings, much to his parent’s dismay. He was, of course, reprimanded.
Synopsis: Later that night, a hairy mammoth takes the baby on a thrilling ride through the woods where they meet amazing forest creatures, and back into his own cave. The initially fearful baby was handed a brush, and his fear subsides. Soon, he shows off his artistic skills.
Mummy’s review: I really love Donaldson’s books as they are often filled with beautiful illustrations. The alternative endings to her books often leaves the child with awe and bewilderment. The use of rhymes in writing the book also makes it easier for kids to remain captivated, to read, to understand and remember the story.  I use this book to teach C colours and that we can add colours and lines to our drawings to make it different and beautiful.
C’s review: See mummy, the bear becomes so small. So much colours.

Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

Synopsis: A little hermit crab finds a new shell that he doesn’t want to share but a purple anemone and a yellow bristleworm managed to convince the hermit crab to share the shell with them.


Mummy’s review: To me, this is an interesting book about friendship and acceptance. It’s a good book filled with rhymes and there’s a nice rhythm when you read it. I like the book as I can use it to teach my son about differences, and accepting differences. I also use it to teach my son about friendship as there is one part in the book where the three creatures go their separate ways but eventually, they come back together. I tell C, sometimes, in life, we make friends, and we also lost them. Sometimes we get them back, sometimes we don’t. But it is okay for we might get them back after a while or we can make new friends.
C’s review: Mummy, the purple blob is not a blob but an anemone. Such a funny name.

Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems


Synopsis: In this book, Gerald and Piggie meet a new snake friend. The snake wants to join them in a game of catch. See Gerald and Piggie’s inventive way of including snake in the game.



Mummy’s review: I really love Willem’s books as they are so easy to understand and the ending never fails to surprise me.
C loves Willem’s books too. We have borrowed more than ten from the library so far and we would read and re-read the books with laughter and giggles. I love it how I can always play with different voices and teach C that we can use different voice and intonation for various punctuation. C loves to join along with me. And I have to say that he has since  understand the different tone we use when we read with a full-top, question mark and exclamation mark. Good job C! Good job Mo!
C’s review: These few pages that I have included are the pages that C loves to read to me. Especially the “Aaaaaagh!”
C’s favourite page: Mummy, see? Pigeon is here too!


Henry’s Map by David Elliot

Synopsis: This book is about Henry, who is a very particular sort of pig. When Henry saw that the farm is in a mess, he was worried that nobody will be able to find anything in this mess. Therefore, he took up the liberty to draw up a map. His friends from the farm started to follow him as he completes the map.


We did this activity after reading the book and shortly after we did the photo-journey to Mt Alvernia entry. I drew up the map and we went around the house and C would tell me what rooms are meant for. I thought that being a highly visual learner, doing a map would interest C, however, he couldn’t wait to finish the activity and move on to the next.




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