Are you someone who speaks quickly?

Good morning my fellow readers 🙂

Are you someone who speaks quickly or one who cannot stop yourself to give your ‘say’ on the subject matter or opinion before listening to the other party?

Something happened between C and me this morning. He has taught me sometimes, we really need to listen before we talk. And the results might be more beneficial than we think.

It was 7 in the morning and we were getting ready to go out. I called out to C and asked him brush his teeth and wash his face.

C, go brush your teeth.


C, don’t let me repeat again, go brush your teeth or we’ll be late.

Mummy, wait, see

Don’t wait already. We have to reach aunt’s house at 745am, go and get ready. (raising my voice)

C raised his voice in a desperate attempt to get my attention

Mummy, see the wall. Lizard. Lizard. There’s a lizard on the wall. Reaching us.

(Now I am desperately searching for my spectacles as I cannot see without them)

I saw the lizard, it was really close to us. I am afraid of lizards but I need to control my fear. So, I asked C to move further back, as I got to the side of the bed, and knocked on the toilet’s door.

Dear, can you come out for a while? (pretending to be calm)

Daddy opened the toilet door.

Don’t open too big k, there’s a lizard just by the door.

Daddy looked around, then got out of the toilet, headed outside and came back in with a newspaper. He killed the lizard effortlessly with the mother and son still hugging one another on the bed. When he was done killing the lizard, C said, 

Daddy, you’re a super hero!

C was so happy that he kept saying daddy is a super hero as we got ready and headed out the door.

So, mummy has learnt, sometimes the foolish are the ones who keeps talking and the wise are the ones whose slow to speak but quick to listen. *giggles*

Have an awesome day ahead everyone!


A, B & C 🙂


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