If I’m always first, then what will happen to second and third?

Often, our nightly routine involves racing from the living room to the bedroom, and the first to swing onto the bed, wins.

My five years old son taught me something invaluable last night.

As we raced to the room, for the first time, my competitive son slowed down and deliberately let me win. It came as a surprise to me as normally he would break down at losing.

Mummy, you first!

Hence, I asked him, “Don’t you want to be first?”

Mummy, if I always first, what happens to second and third? It’s okay. Next one I first.

C’s answer shocked me.

He was really happy being second.

Sometimes as parents, we think that it is important for our kids to do well, and to do well means being number one in everything.

However, we all know that’s not possible. And C’s answer to the race taught me this.

As parents, it’s not about the numbers or rankings. It’s knowing our child’s strength, and guiding them onto the path they are meant to lead. This path is their path. Not ours.

As parents nowadays, we sometimes knowingly or unknowingly misunderstand what our kids want. We think our kids want a bigger house, a better toy, a longer holiday.

Actually what our kids want is us.

They want us to spend time with them, to know them, to love them. And when we do give them this love, this time, this understanding, we will inevitably see the amazing plan that is set for for them.

I’ll do my best to guide you, not on my path, but yours.






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