Let’s put it altogether. Drawing, writing, colouring, speaking.

For those who have been following me, you would know that I have struggled with C’s penmanship from day one. I believe that good penmanship is important, and through it will form and accompany the other necessary skills that a child need to master.

Looking at these photos, I am really heartened to see the changes. The photo on the left shows his initial pencil grip. Back then, he was using left hand, and grip method. The picture on the top is titled ‘Family’. A year ago, I was rather amused that what I saw. I couldn’t see the family in the picture but he said he could.

A year on, C is now using his right hand to write. Actually, he can use both hands. Predominately, he will use his right hand to write and colour now, but when his right hand gets tired, he will use his left hand to complete the task.

This year, I wanted to do something which will incorporate what we have been learning the past year, from Let’s talk, to the writing and the art lessons that he have been going for. (You can find out more about what I have been doing with him the past year from this link.)

Roughly about once a week or two, I will get C to draw a picture, he has to write two sentences about the picture, colour the picture and then present his picture by reading aloud to dad or me.

First, he will draw the picture. Then he will verbalise to me the two sentences about the picture. I will write the sentences on the white board and he will copy them onto his book.
He will proceed to colour the pictures. Finally, he will present to daddy or me on what he have drawn and wrote. I think this is a good way to get build on his confidence and to make him more comfortable socially.
This is his second attempt. He was not in the mood that day but still made the effort to complete the task. He did tell me he had coloured tracks and red zoom zoom train.
He asked to do this activity in exchange of a full lesson. I gave in as I was tired as well. Not bad for an exchange. 🙂
This is one of my favourite pieces. I love how he drew and coloured the hamburger and even took note of all the different colours there are to a burger.

I know I rave about how proud I am of C all the time but I truly am proud of him. Looking back at what he used to do and what he can create now brings me even more joy. It also reaffirms my decision to remain part-time so I can be there to help this precious child of mine.

To other parents out there, don’t lose hope. It is possible.

Love always,



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