Our Photo-Journey to Speech Therapy


Today’s entry is really random. I was on my way to send C to Speech Therapy at the hospital. Normally, I would not give C my cell phone when the car is in motion. However, he wanted to call granny before heading off to the therapy as we were going to meet granny and cousin after the therapy.

So, the cellphone was in his hands as we journey towards the hospital in the car. For some unfounded reason, C decided to use the camera and he started to take photos of our journey to the hospital. Initially, I told him to stop using the phone as the car was in motion. However, I stopped when I realised he was verbalizing the journey. It was nice to hear.

He would say,

Okay, now we are at the lights. See, see the blue car.

Next, we turn.

Ohhh… we are on the fly over.

See mummy, there are much trees…

wow… there are much more trees…. see see… like Tarzan.

This went on all the way till we reach the hospital. I thought it was hilarious. Especially the Tarzan bit.

C has really strong visual memory. What was interesting was that at night as we played, ‘Let’s talk about’, C could still tell me the sequence of the journey to the to hospital. I think his visual memory aids him in remembering the journey.

I will try to find more opportunities to use photos as a means of teaching him to speak, recall and relate events.

Sometimes, we need to let them teach us how to teach them 😮




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