Because he’s slow…

It’s an upsetting day.

Spoke to the nanny today and she told me that when she picked C up from the mainstream school today, his shirt was worn the wrong way round.

Seeing that it was worn the wrong way. She adjusted the shirtstraightaway at the pick up area. This caught the attention of C’s teacher who went up to explain that his shirt is worn the wrong way because he is too slow.

My Nanny asked for further explanation as she couldn’t see the link.

The teacher explained that C is already in Kindergarten 1, but he still eats, shower, and do work slowly. Example for today, shower time was up and kids had to line up in a straight line. C was still taking his time in putting on his shirt. So even though he wore it the wrong way. The teachers didn’t have time to adjust it back as it was time for the next segment of the day.

I was really upset. C just learnt to put on his shirt during the last two months. I know he is in K1 but couldn’t they see that he is only K1 and have only just mastered this skill unlike his peers?

It’s so tough for even though I do not need my child to compete with the world but at mainstream, he will be judged and viewed with his peers. Not as a child who have made it so far but a child who is still so far behind.

When will it be different?


4 thoughts on “Because he’s slow…

  1. Hey my son just figured out how to put his shirt on in the last month as well and he’s 6! And he is notoriously the last ready and last out and last in any line. The teachers would give my son little jobs like being the line leader to hurry him up, it seemed to motivate him a wee bit. But it is awfully hard on them being mainstreamed and having to keep up the pace. They go at their own perfect pace. I love their timeless sense of the world.

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