Progress report from July 2015 to December 2015

This is a follow up progress report on C’s learning journey for the past six months. His first two reports may be found on June 2015’s progress report and Lesson Plan.

I will include in this entry what he has mastered for the past six months and links to activities which assisted in his mastery of these goals. I didn’t link the Art and Cooking activities but to me, those activities helps in all the domains and it also allows the child to have fun while learning.

Fine Motor Area – Motor Coordination & Writing

  • C is able to cut our shapes with straight lines with gestural and verbal prompts. He is able to hold the scissors between the thumb and first two fingers of one hand and holds the paper with other hand in the right orientation.
  • He is able to copy his complete name with correct usage of both uppercase and lowercase.


Gross Motor Area – Play skills

  • He is able to balance on one foot for at least 5 to 6 seconds.
  • He is able to hop forward with five or more consecutive hops on one foot.


Adaptive – Dressing and undressing

  • Able to put on front-opening garment and zip his own jacket
  • Able to put on pullover garment with minimal assistance
  • Able to fasten buttons/snaps/Velcro fasteners on own clothings

Cognitive – Sequencing

  • Able to put stories into sequence and respond appropriately to questions about the story
  • Able to read the story, “We’re going on a bear hunt” and arrange the sequence of event that happened


Cognitive – Premath

  • Able to count 15 objects independently, assignment numbers to objects in the correct order, and counting each object only once.


Cognitive – Phonological awareness and Emergent Reading

  • Able to read more than 12 common words by sight or on request. The words he can read include can, my, with, to, play, go, etc

Activities – there are a lot more books which I did not include here but I am glad C loves to read and being read to. I think this is a key to his positive reading ability. 

Social-Communication Area – Interactions to make commands or requests

  • He is able to use words, phrases, or sentences to make commands to and requests of others. For example, during snack time, he asked his friend, “Can I have oreo, please?”


Social-Communication Area – Responds to contingent questions

  • He is able to supply relevant information following another person’s request for clarification, repetition, elaboration. For example, during arrival time, when teacher asked, “What did you bring for snack?” He would answer, “I brought chocolate buns.”
  • When working on 4 picture cards sequencing, teacher asked “what come first?” He is able to point to the first picture card. He understands the notion of ordinal numbers.


Social Area – Knowledge of self and others

  • He is able to communicate his name, age and gender independently.
  • He needs to work on his birthday.


Remarks by teachers

  • Works well with a wall-mounted or visual schedule. However, he still needs consistent verbal prompt to stay on task.
  • He displayed difficulties in regulating himself during games when he is losing and sudden changes in schedule and routines. He needs to learn some strategies for self-regulation.

Drawing lessons (Private Art Lesson by The Art People)

In the next entry, I will include the IEP and learning goals for C for the next six months. I will also be incorporating the skills he needs to learn at Kindergarten 1. 


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