Inside Out – Let’s ‘Sunshine’ together, Inside Out

I was having lunch with a sister in Christ yesterday and she asked me if I noticed there is a dominant character in each of the lead from the cartoon, ‘Inside out’.

I was puzzled and queried her about it. According to her, although each lead will have all the five emotions in them, but the one in the middle of the control panel is the dominant character.

For the female lead, Joy is her dominant character.
For her father, it’s Anger, and for her mum, it’s sadness.

I can’t remember how the conversation went but my dear sis said Joy must be your dominant character.

I quickly answered her, “Really? I thought it is fear.”

She quickly retorted, “No lah.”

And I said something which surprised me as well. “Maybe deep down I am Joy but my fear and thoughts control my everything inside. So while I think a lot, I will still show out Joy.”

As I sat down today, I can’t help but think it must have been God’s hand that is playing a huge part in my life. I am learning that through Christ, we will always try to serve out of love and help others in need. And despite what circumstances I am in, I am truly thankful that my Lord in heaven allows me to show that Joyful side to others, and in doing so, I hope they will receive Joy. And they will know my God, is a Joyful God.

And, I must say, I am deep down a happy character. In fact, all who knows me, know that my laughter can travel from one end of the room to the other. *glee*hahaha* Our current staff room house about 60 teachers, so one can imagine how loud my laughter can be for it to travel to the other end as I sit literally at one corner of the staff room .

And, I am thankful for C, for he is definitely a Joy, according to a teacher, a Sunshine to everyone that crosses his path, with autism or not, he is a blessing, to me, to himself, to us, to others.

As he uses his life to ‘Sunshine’ others, I too shall remember, to use mine, to ‘Sunshine’ others.

Let’s work towards using our life to ‘Sunshine’ another’s life positively, both ‘Inside Out’.

Love always,





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