A PERFECT conversation fit for two

Image result for conversation between mother and son

Yesterday, I was exhilarated! I managed to have a smooth ‘error-free’ conversation with my son. I know for many, this is nothing. But for a parent with a child who have problems with social interaction and communication, this is heaven!

Here’s how the conversation went:


Mummy: Hullo.


(Recognising that it’s my son)

Mummy: Hullo C, it’s mummy here. What are you doing?

Hullo mummy. I am doing writing.

Mummy: Ooohhh… you’re doing writing?

Yes mummy, I’m doing writing. I’ll speak to you later.

Mummy: No C, can you pass the phone to aunty?

(C shouting out loud)

Aunty!!!! Aunty!!! Aunty it’s mummy!

Mummy: Aunty is not there?

Yah. Aunty in the room. Okay mummy.

Mummy: Can you ask aunty to call mummy later? I will pick you up in ten minutes time?

I am doing writing. I cannot go home yet.

(Recognising he did not absorb my first question.)

Mummy: Can you ask Aunty to call mummy when she is out?

Okay mummy.

Mummy: See you later.

I’ll see you later.

Later on, Aunty did call me back and I verified with her whether C was really writing. He was! Oh my goodness. You cannot imagine the joy in me. It’s the first time our conversation did not go off into C reciting some scripts from his storybooks or cartoon.

Although the conversation was less than 3 minutes. The perpetual smile on my face seemed to have lasted for 3 hours and even as I went to bed yesterday, the thought about the conversation left a huge smile on my face as I drifted off to la-la-land.

Parents, do not lose hope. Let even the tiniest milestone be a celebration of a lifetime in our hearts and mind.




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