What does the swollen panda and fruit face have in common?

My eyes are as swollen as these apples.
My eyes are as swollen as these apples.

They’re both in need of a detox. 😮

Recently, I truly understood the meaning of two is company,three’s a crowd.

After the road accident and C’s fall, I was hit with swollen watery eyes and red itchy bumps. The doctor thinks I ate fish that was fried in ‘dirty’ oil, and recommended I rest my eyes and try to eat more healthy food.

Me looking like I have panda eyes. 

One of the things I did was to make juice.

Sorry for the caption. Initially I wanted to use this montage for my 100th likes. I wanted to redo the montage but realised I lost some of the photos when I changed to a new mobile phone.

Ingredients needed:

  1. Two apples
  2. One stick of carrot
  3. One squeeze or two of honey
  4. Whole lemon or a few squeeze for those who don’t like sour stuff
  5. 80ml of water

I got this recipe online which says drinking this can help to detox one’s body. Since the doctor said I ate food cooked in ‘dirty’ oil, I thought it might help to detox the body a bit.

You just need to cut up the apples and carrot and drop them into the blender. C measured and added the water and honey for me. I tried to get him to squeeze the lemon using a lemon squeezer but I think it was too difficult for him. I drank this once a day for seven days. My eyes did clear up and I feel cleaner and lighter. Will I drink this everyday? I think I might if it came pre-made. 😮 C gets really excited when he gets to squeeze the bear honey for me. And I enjoy doing things with him before the school reopens. C is willing to drink my detox juice without the full lemon. So what I did was to just dash a bit of lemon juice, pour half a cup for him, then pour in the remaining lemon juice and finish up the rest between hubby and me.

What’s your detox recipe?







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