Bandage Tattoo #3 – Good news from the Doctor

Bandage Tattoo #3
Bandage Tattoo #3

We visited the doctor today to get C’s wound cleaned and check on his healing. I was really happy to know that the swelling has subsided and the doctor recommends that C can start to walk again.

He has been enjoying this entire week with no lesson, no school, tons of television time and Ipad time. At the doctor’s, he told her that he is a brave boy but he is one years old now, therefore needs to be carried instead of walk. He also told the doctor that his foot is hurting and he can’t walk at all. However, when the doctor tempted him with two sweets from her fishbowl full of sweets, he started to walk, first three steps holding on to our hands, and the next few steps, he released his grip on our hand and started to walk on his own. So much for his hurting foot and being unable to walk. *wink*

Today’s design is from the same book, ‘Can I play too?’ by Mo Willems. He’s been loving his books since we’ve been introduced to them by Dyan from her blog, And Next Comes L. You can read about my other reviews on his books that C has read:

We’ll be visiting the doctor again in three day’s time and if all goes well, the orthopedic in six days. Praying that all will go well.

In the meantime, have an awesome weekend everyone!


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