Bandage Tattoo #2

Following the minor incident, C has to dress his wounds regularly. To appease him, as I have done here , I would ‘tattoo’ on different images of C’s choice. Today is bandage tattoo #2 and below is his choice:

Bandage Tattoo #2
Bandage Tattoo #2 – today’s choice is Piggie and Snake from Mo Willens’ book, ‘Can I play too?’. He loves the expression from Piggie’s face and the funny tone that I give when I say “So?” whenever I read this book to him.

He’s feeling better today. We cut down the painkillers from four dosages to three. Although he becomes grouchy whenever the medicine wears off, he seems to be less aggressive in wanting to tear off the bandage, which is a good sign.

*fingers-crossed* for the remaining days to we see the Orthopedic.


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