Think your life is boring, stupid or monotonous? Think again!


I came across this saying when I was viewing one of the Ted talks video on YouTube. I felt inspired to make it into an image after an amusing incident with C.

It was the weekend and I was about to head out and purchase our breakfast. Upon seeing that I was unlocking the pad lock, C started to ask

Mummy, where are you going?

I’m going to buy breakfast. Go and brush your teeth. I’ll be back soon.

No mummy, you cannot go. You must stay close to C.

I’ll be back soon C. Just brush your teeth and watch tv.

No mummy, you take out (he meant my slippers) and come here. (He was rolling on the floor by this time.) You must wait for C.

You want to go? Okay I’ll wait for you, you go brush teeth.

(He got up, comes forward and attempts to close the front door.)

No C, just leave the door open. Go brush teeth I’ll wait for you. (He heads to the room while I sat on his kiddy chair by the door waiting for him.)

(I could hear commotion going on in the toilet with B and C while he is trying to get him brushed and ready.

Finally, he walks out. Low and behold, he walks towards the living room and sat on the sofa. )

(Sounding and looking baffled) Let’s go. What are you doing?

No mum, you go buy, what are you doing? C stays.

I thought you wanted to go buy breakfast with me?

No mummy, I’ll wait here so when you come (back), you’ll see me.

(I wanted to laugh as well as give out a sigh. )

So, think our lives are boring or monotonous? Think again!




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