Progressing from colouring to blending – new artsy tips from the teachers


Those who have been following me knows that C has blossomed tremendously from the previous Mummy’s art lesson to being taught by two amazing Art teachers. You can read about the previous entry here. After about one and a half months, C has progressed from colouring to blending.

Art piece #5
Art piece #5 – Ship

While this piece of painting might look big, I have to say that it is only B5 in size. However, the good news is he has started to learn how to blend. You can see the two tones that he has for the sea.

Art piece #6 -Helicopter

Both of these pieces took about two hours each with breaks in between. His teachers advised me that when getting kids to work on bigger pieces, apart from breaking it into smaller parts, it would be useful to work from the smallest part to the biggest.

Artsy tips from the teachers:

  1. For example for the helicopter, they got C to trace the window of the helicopter with the blue crayon first before he commence colouring.
  2. Next, with the body of the helicopter, they used a similar colour tone to outline the body before colouring the body. The teacher divided the body into four parts.
  3. With the grass, start blending with the lighter colour before moving to the darker colour. This also prevents any mistakes from getting too wide with the darker colour and the entire grass area will be one tone instead of two.
  4. Do the water colour last as it does not smudge the crayon and is the fastest to complete.

To read about six artsy tips given by the teachers to start off art lesson with our kids, click here.


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