Mummy, are you better?

I’ve been under the weather for close to two weeks already. During these two weeks, I was busy with the training and preparation for Singapore’s General Election 2015, which I’ll have an entry on soon and busy with examination preparation as  exams commence next week. This explains my lack of post for these two weeks. However, during this time of sickness and busyness, C really touched my heart by asking the most uunexpected question during our regular toilet time. Before you get gross out, do read on to find out more. It’s not as bad as you think.

We’ve been trying to toilet train C for a while. So, as part of the training, I’ll sit in with him for all his scheduled toilet-time, be it whether they are successful attempts. I do marvel at parents whose kids get this within weeks or months. We’ve been doing this for more than a year. Good news is, he does not wear diapers anymore as he know say if he needs to pee. Bad news is, the poo part is still not independent, thus we get the

Mummy, I’ve pooed in my underwear.

Other times, we only know when we’ve smelled it or see that crunch up face which indicates he’s doing it there and then. I can’t remember how many times I’ve smelled his buttocks or pulled open his pants to check for poo. No one will tell you that about parenting as well.

Toilet tim
Our toilet-time moments

During one of our regular toilet moments two days ago, C was in the midst of letting out gas and humming his train motion sound. I was as usual, on the stool, in the corner of the toilet waiting for him to be done with his ‘business’ . He suddenly looks up and ask,

Mummy, are you better?

(appearing a bit stunned by his question) Yes, C, mummy is better, but still coughing a little.

Mummy, you’ll get better soon?

Yes C, I’ll get better soon. Thank you C. That was really nice of you to ask about how is mummy.

You’re welcome mummy.

He continues with the train motion and goes choo-choo .

I leaned back and gave a smile. It was a rare moment, and a precious priceless one. I told myself to remember to record it down on my blog, so I’ll always have a memory of it.

Thank you C. You always spur me on, in your unexpected moments. You always make me smile, in my tiring times. You always give us hope, to continue on this journey together.

Love always,



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