I want first mummy shower…

We were on our way home from the neighbourhood shopping centre and I asked C,

“C, do you want to shower first or have lesson first?”

Don’t want!

“No, you must choose shower or lesson.”

Hmm… I want first mummy shower, then C watch tv

Then second, mummy lesson and C plays Ipad *glee*

(hahahaha) Mischievous boy,  it’s not mummy shower k, it’s you shower.”

No…. mummy smelly, mummy shower. C no smelly. C watch tv.

“Good try, Mr naughty boy.”

Try what? (looking astonished) Try Ipad?


I think C didn’t understand what I meant when I said ‘Good try’, thus he associated it with an object. But I loved it how he immediately associated it with Ipad, which is of course, one if his loves. And, of course, he didn’t get his wish. It was lesson time and shower for him when we reached home.


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