Monopoly, C’s style

We were on the car on the way to speech therapy whereby we encountered a traffic jam. C noticed the car slowing down and he peered ahead. C’s way of solving? The monopoly way!

Oh no mummy, what happened? Why is the car so slow?

There’s a jam C, many cars ahead, so we have to slow down. Or what can we do?

Mummy, you have to pick the cars up, oh taxis too and lorry, oh there’s a bus, and put on other side (Pointing to the opposite road with incoming cars).

Ah, ohh, even if mummy can do that, the speed limit is 50 here, so mummy can drive at 50 only.

No mummy, that’s wrong. Pick the 50 and put other side. Then car can zooommmm… … and go fast, fast, fast.


Kids have a funny way of solving problems, isn’t it? I was really happy that he could identify all the transport vehicles and was giggling at how he wanted me to pick all the vehicles up and just place them on the opposite side of the road.


I thought of monopoly then, the game we used to play as kids and we could choose from cars, boots and hats as players. I loved choosing the car and ‘driving’ it around the game board. I remember feeling at the top of the world when I could get my hands on the blue card, ‘Broadwalk’, and building my red and green hotels. Yet, we never once questioned why monopoly wanted to create tokens of thimble, iron or the famous top hat. They weren’t really transport vehicles or living creatures like the Scottish dog.

Well, during a jam, wouldn’t any drivers love the ability to pick cars up and just put them on the opposite of the road? I know I would!

I love that brain of his. Intriguing. Creative. Exciting. And so non-adult-like 😉


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