Funny moments: The Misunderstood Fruit

We all know fruits provide us with a lot of vitamins and minerals. As parents of young kids, when we purchase certain fruits, we would cut them up into smaller pieces so that it will be easier for our toddlers to eat. My dear C has been eating papaya since nine months old as papayas are known to assist in the digestive system and it’s soft and mushy texture makes it easy to swallow. Unripe papaya cooked with fish as a soup is also an awesome soup dish.

The Papaya
The Papaya

However, I’m not sure why, even though C has gone shopping with me tons of times, he has never bought a papaya with me. Yesterday, I bought an unripe papaya and placed it on the kitchen table top. When C woke up in the morning, I was in the kitchen preparing his breakfast. After seeing the fruit, he said,

Oh my god! What is that?

It’s a papaya, C.

Ewwwww….eeeekkkk… we need to throw it away…

Huh? Why?

It’s green. It’s spoil already. See (pointing to the green bits)

No C, it’s green because it is not fully ripe yet. The inside is orange, what you will eat, you will not eat the skin.

No eat. No eat. Eeekkkkk….. throw away… throw away…. (as he runs away)

I think I need to show C more uncut whole fruits. I guess to parents out there, it might be wise to show our kids more uncut whole fruits so that they will not freak out when they see it at home. *wink* *glee*


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