I’m a funky king!

Reading to C is a bedtime routine for us. Although there are times I wish to sleep instead of read as I’m just tired from work. Yesterday’s session was particularly entertaining… as usual… because of C

We were reading one of his favourite books, ‘The Rusty Train Ride’. With every page read to C, he would fart.

I read page one.


“C, you farted.”

(giggles from C)

I read page two.


“C, you farted again. It’s very smelly you know.”

(Giggles even louder)

I read page three.

“Eeekkk C (pah on the backside), you farted again. You’re really a farting king you know.”

(Looks at me in the eyes)

I’m not a farting king. I’m a funky king!

haha haha giggles hee hee

We both laughed out loud and enjoyed the rest of the reading.

I hope as I  grow old and wrinkled, we’ll still be able to laugh at one another’s fart. Just hopefully it’s not the silent type. As the saying goes, the louder the smell-less, the silent- est the stinkier!



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