Got laugh?

Friends whose been following my blog will know that I’ve signed C up for Art lesson. This week’s Art lesson had an interesting twist and bountiful laughters…

One of my closest girlfriends accompanied me to the lesson yesterday. We hadn’t had lunch and thought it’ll be a good time to eat and chit chat while C had his lesson. I dropped C off at the art school before heading to the basement to meet my girlfriend for a meal. When we were done, we headed to the art school to pick C.

C was exhilarated to see my girlfriend, whom he calls, Hullo Kitty. As we headed to the car park, C told Hullo Kitty that he wanted to go to her place. He even waved and said goodbye to me, held her hand, and walked away. So dear mummy had to walk behind them as they headed to the car. We explained to C we’ll go to Hullo Kitty’s place another time. Initially, he was alright, he hugged Hullo Kitty goodbye, and with so much strength that she nearly fell. We had a really good laugh over it.

He waved frantically goodbye to her as we stood by the stairs and Hullo Kitty drove off. As we headed to the car, all seemed well. However, as we were buckling up, C asked,

Mummy, where’s hullo kitty?

I replied, “Hullo Kitty has to pick up Uncle Pete, so we’ll go to her place another day.”

C started to be teary and upset.

No, no, no, I want to pick up Uncle Pete.

I responded, “C, we can’t, Hullo Kitty is gone already, we’ll go her place another time k?”

No, no, no, (crossed his fingers to show an ‘x’) made a sound which sounded like the sound it plays when the wrong letter is given during wheel of fortune

I messaged to let Hullo Kitty know of his displeasure. After which, I proceeded to tell C, ” let’s go to Hullo Kitty’s place during the holidays k.”

C was agitated by now and he raised his voice and answered with disbelief.

No mummy, it’s Thursday today, not holiday. ( HE made the wrong letter sound again three times.)

I burst out laughing. I realised then I’ve taught C the days of the week. However, I think in his mind, there’s no such thing as a day named holiday. It was funny to hear him correcting me. Of course, my laughter didn’t make things better. So, I told him we’ll drive by the flyover on the way home, which is one of his favourite things, and he eventually calmed down.

It’s important to laugh at our moments in life. We’ll learn to love it and appreciate life, and perhaps handle it a little better. 🙂

Remember, it takes 60 over muscles to frown, and only 20 over muscles to laugh.When we laugh, we’re sending a signal to the brain to say that everything is okay. This also reduces the toxic levels in our body.

So, have you had your laughter dosage today?

Got laugh?
Got laugh?

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