Straight line or Flying line?

Have you ever given a piece of work to your child and marvel at what you receive back in return? I did. And his reply made me speechless and made me think twice about the norms of education.

To build up C’s comprehension capacity, I bought this assessment book for him to try. We tried out the first activity, and I asked him to read out all the sentences. Next, I told C to match the sentences to the pictures by drawing lines.

This is his completed work:


Upon seeing it, I stumbled for a while. I took a second closer look. His answers were correct but the lines drawn were not what I expected. Why? During my time, or what I think still applies in today’s schooling system, students would normally draw straight lines to link the pictures.

I commented to C, “C, you’re suppose to draw lines to the pictures.”

“Mummy, I did.”

“Er, but your lines are not straight.”

(Pointing to the instruction) “Mummy, see, draw lines.”

(Thinking to myself, he’s not wrong) “So why are your lines not straight?”

“Because it’s flying…..swoosh……”

I know this is a simple activity but it has got me thinking about the rigidity of the education system and my thinking as well. I wonder how many teachers out there will reprimand him on the flying lines instead of the straight lines. I wonder will they see the creativity in this child or that he doesn’t fit with the norm. I wonder what the future holds.

For now, I love him for always making me think, for being out of the box, for bringing a laughter to my face and heart all the time.

Love you C. Straight line or flying LINE. 🙂


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