Friends who have been following me for a while have commented that I have disappeared from the radar for a while. It’s been a time to pause… a time to look back… a time to reflect…

When I first started out on this blogging journey a month ago, it was the school holidays. I just went on part-time and was enjoying myself immensely helping C and working on this blog.

School has started for about a month, and this is the time when I have to juggle between work and home. While going part-time has its perks, it has also brought me on this emotional roller coaster of meeting the self-induced expectations on the various roles I have to fulfill.


I took some time off to paint this picture. It is those painting by the numbers type. I purposely chose this picture as it reminded me of the walks I used to take with B when we were dating. They were idyllic, carefree and peaceful. Although we were young working adults then, we didn’t have to bear the responsibility of maintaining a household and taking care of a kid. As one gets married, the dynamics somehow changes. No matter what you were briefed on by friends, families or well-meaning aunties living within your vicinity, it is not the same as going through these moments yourself.

If you have been tied down, by the hustle and bustle of everyday’s demands. If you have been tired out, by the endless chores and running after the kids. Do remember to take some time off, for yourself, to rejuvenate, to refresh, to reflect. You deserve it and you need it so as to be able to walk the distant journey.

Often, life is not a race, of who gets there first or last but about the distance we are willing to go, with patience and gratitude, as the path reveals itself, slowly and surely.

And as you take some time off for yourself, do not forget the other person who have been walking alongside with you, through this journey. Be it whether it’s your husband, your parent, your best friend or your soul mate, take some time, to thank them, for walking alongside with you quietly, fiercely, warmly and defiantly. It is with them, that this journey is easier and less lonely than if you have to walk on it on your own.

Thank you B. This is for you, for me, for C.


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