Teaching Patterns_Recap_Let’s create dot patterns


  • Recap on child’s understanding of patterns
  • Build on pincer grasp which will assist in penmanship (The peeling of the stickers from a sticker sheet and sticking the stickers onto a surface helps with the pincer grasp)

Materials needed:

  • worksheet for creating dot patterns (You may download the worksheet here.)
  • ring label – coloured pattern label (I bought this from the stationery shop for $2.10 when I wanted to make the schedule file. There’s still a lot left and I do not want to waste it.)
Let's create dot patterns
Let’s create dot patterns


  1. Show the child the worksheet.
  2. Explain to the child that we will be revising on patterns.
  3. Show the child the coloured labels and explain that we will peel the labels according to the words indicated on the worksheet. (The patterns being revised are ABAB, ABCABC and AABAAB – C has already mastered the first pattern but based on the previous pattern worksheet done, I know that he needs revision on these two patterns and two other ones.)
Remind the child to start on the first pattern instead of pasting it at random. I also get C to verbalise the colour sticker that he is sticking.
Remind the child to start on the first pattern instead of pasting it at random. I also get C to verbalise the coloured-sticker that he is sticking.
Completed activity
Completed activity with C’s choice of sticker and well-done stamp.


C treated this activity as a pasting activity more than a patterns activity. We did get to work on the patterns at the end (as shown in the pen-written words) when I asked him on “What comes next?”. He did have some difficulty with the peeling and sticking of the labels but with encouragement and patience, it is possible! 🙂 I’ll try to do another patterns activity which will spur on his interest more.


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