How to Make Edible Jellies with the Kiddos


  • To make edible jellies 😉
  • To reinforce balancing skills through the act of stirring and pouring which will assist in penmanship

Materials needed:

  • Jelly powder (I use Konyaku Jelly as the texture for the set jelly is firmer and easier for C to cut and eat it. You can get it in any Asian grocery for $2.oo per packet)
  • Plastic jelly molds
  • Vanilla essence (one drop)
  • Food colouring (C chose green apple and orange)
  • Two measuring cups (this is for pouring the mixture into the molds. If you have only one colour, then you’ll need only one cup)
  • Stirrer
  • Pot
  • Teaspoon and dropper

You may download the list if you want to teach the child with it, ‘Ingredients needed_recipe‘ (All other photos on how the worksheets were used are found at the end of the post.)


  1. Shows child the ‘making jelly_introduction‘ list which tells the child on what we are going to do today.
  2. Conduct a ‘preplanning_jelly making‘ exercise which checks on the child’s prior knowledge on what they think is needed to make jelly.
  3. Shows child the actual ‘Ingredients needed_recipe‘ list to make the jelly.
  4. Shows child the jelly powder’s box. (If child is able to read quite well, get them to read the instructions on the box.)
  5. Follow the steps shown on the box and make the jelly. (C assisted in pouring the powder into the measuring cup and pouring the powder into the pot when the the water has boiled. He also assisted in stirring the mixture. I poured the mixture into two measuring cups before allowing C to use the dropper to squeeze the colourings into each cups respectively. Next, I passed him the two molds which he poured the mixture in unassisted.)
  6. After the molds are placed in the fridge, you might want to conduct an instructional lesson on ‘Steps_making jelly (pg 1 of 2)‘ and ‘Steps_making jelly 2 (pg 2 of 2)‘ with the child. (This is for teaching command words)
  7. Finish off the activity with a ‘Words associated with jelly-making‘ worksheet whereby the child will read the list, select associated words, and write down the associated words at the arrows. It might be useful to ask the child to cross out the word once it is written or if it does not fit the description of jelly.
Instructions list
Making jelly – Introduction
Ingredients needed_recipe
Ingredients needed_recipe
C pouring the mixture into the molds.
C pouring the mixture into the molds  unassisted 🙂
Steps in making jelly (pg 1 of 2)
Steps in making jelly (pg 1 of 2)
Steps in making jelly (pg 2 of 2)
Steps in making jelly (pg 2 of 2)
Words associated with jelly
Words associated with jelly


I enjoyed doing this activity with C a lot. First, he is bolder now and does not fear the fire as much as he used to. He used to pull me away from the fire whenever I was cooking and said that he was scared.

Second, this jelly-making activity is relatively easy as compared to some of the other cooking activities that I’ve tried with him. He loved the pouring part so much so that when I wanted to assist him, he actually said no to me. In my heart, I felt that he has grown and that brings joy to my heart.

In teaching our kids certain skills, sometimes we can get disheartened quite easily especially when we are aware other preschoolers of their age have attained those skills or have already surpassed them. What made this activity additionally worthwhile, was C waking up early the next morning and said, “Mummy, it’s time. I need to go to the fridge and see my jellies.” The joy on his face was priceless. What more can a mother ask for…



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