Funny moments

Due to the nature of my work, I have to leave the house at 630 everyday, and I would need to drop C off at the nanny’s place beforehand. Many a times, he is not awake, hence I would have to carry him from home all the way to the car.

Today, as we were returning home from the supermarket, we met a neighbour staying in the same block as us at the lift. This is the conversation between C and him and I thought it was hilarious:

Neighbour: This is the boy that is being carried every morning?

Mummy: (giggles) Yes. I need to leave the house early and he’s not awake by then.

C: carried? (with a reinforced-tone, as he goes up to the neighbour and looks at him in the eye)

Neighbour: Yes?

C: (with a mischievous smile) confirm me-eeeeee!!! (giggles loudly)

Neighbour and mummy laugh out loud. Neighbour alights from the lift.


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