Teaching tools_Match It! Sequencing and Spelling

Match It! Sequencing
Match It! Sequencing
Match It! Spelling
Match It! Spelling

I bought these two boxes at a discount from an education fair that was held recently. The original price as indicated on the box was $16 each but I managed to purchase them for $10 each as it was the last day of the fair. It was initially going for $25 for two boxes.

I did a search on the internet and found the link to purchase this from the company that produces them, ‘The Learning Journey’. You may read up on the product and purchase the sequencing puzzle box from the website itself by clicking on the link here or the spelling puzzle box from the link here.

Disclaimer:  Although I may include links providing direct access to other Internet resources, including Web sites, I am not endorsing their products and/or services. I am just hoping to make it easier for my readers to purchase products or obtain information that they might find useful. 


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