Introducing the phonics ‘f’


  • learn the sound of ‘f’ using frog as the keyword

Materials needed:

  • Worksheet on phonogram ‘f’ (You may download the worksheet here)
  • Writing tools

Worksheet for the letter 'f'
Worksheet for the letter ‘f’

Techniques for teaching phonogram:

There are a few techniques that I use consistently with C over the past one year. Below are two that I use for teaching phonograms. When I say:

Finger-writing: Child has to trace the letter provided using his or her finger. I was taught before that in doing so, the sensory from the fingers will get transmitted to the brain and this aids in remembering what is being traced.

Sound as you write: Child has to verbalise (say out loud) the letter, keyword and sound of the letter being taught while writing the letter out. The sounding of the trio has to be completed as the child completes writing the letter. I am working with the different senses to aid memory of the sound.


  1. Told C we will be learning a new sound today and proceeded to show him the worksheet.
  2. Verbalised:
    1. “The letter we are learning today is the letter ‘f’;
    2. the keyword is ‘frog’ and
    3. the sound is /f/”
  3. Instructed C to do finger-writing and sound-as-you-write technique. (Do take note that the child has written the letter in the right strokes and sequence.)
  4. Instructed C to write the letter with a pencil or marker using the sound as you write technique.
  5. Next, read the words on the paper, followed by the sentences.
  6. End this segment with the writing of the letters using the same ‘Sound as you write’ technique.



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