Teaching Ordinal Numbers_Lesson 1


  • Child will understand the concept of ordinal numbers
  • Child will apply the concept in a structured given task


Materials needed:

  • Scissor
  • Five to six mega blocks
  • Black permanent marker
  • Scotch clear tape

Time needed: around 25 minutes

  • 10 minutes to prepare the materials
  • 15 minutes to explain the concept and carry out the lesson


  1. Stick the clear tape across and around each mega block individually.
  2. On the wider side, write the ordinal numbers. I chose to write ‘Ordinal number’ on one of the mega blocks, followed by the definition on the back of the mega blocks as C is a highly visual learner.
mega blocks_front

Lesson time

  1. Explained to C what ordinal numbers meant using the header ‘Ordinal numbers’ and getting him to read out the definition at the back of the block.
  2. Showed  him the concept using the toy cars at home.
  3. Next, I placed the mega blocks on the floor and got him to arrange the ordinal numbers in sequence.

He really enjoyed it and was willing to let me take a photo of his completed ordinal numbers mega tower.

Arranging of mega blocks
Arranging of mega blocks
Ordinal numbers arranged in order
Ordinal numbers arranged in order

End of lesson 1.


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