7 Simple Tips and Ideas To Conduct Art Therapy At Home

Dropper paintingNobody can deny the importance of art in every individual’s life. Art is a form of expression and what is enduring about it is that there isn’t a right or wrong when looking at art.

In our entry, Progress report on my son: ‘Out-of-the-box as the new norm’, we were looking at letting our child pick up an additional skill or interest, and hoping that would help him in one way or the other.

If you are looking at conducting art lessons at home with your child, here’s a few simple tips to get yourself started.

  1. Have a designated area 

    Designated area where the child is free to be the artist

    Let the child know that he or she is allowed to have creative freedom within a designated area. For my son, he knows that he cannot draw, doodle, paint, etc anywhere else except on his study table (i.e., the blue table).

  2. Life Hacks for Art Tools

    Transfer paint from tubes to press-down bottles
  3. Start with Stencil-Drawing

    Use stencils to draw out the desired picture and break the colouring into smaller parts.
  4. Start with Dropper Painting

    Dropper painting
    Dropper painting is quick, easy and hassle-free

    We started with dropper painting at home to let my son have some artsy fun and to train his pincer-grip for handwriting at the same time. This is his first art piece and my husband and I are definitely proud of it.

  5. Start with Stamp-Ink

    Stamp-ink is good if you are worried that your child will splatter the paint all over the room and floor.
  6. Conduct A Mini-Project together

    A simple project can bring smiles to a child’s heart.

    Kids feel safer when we do things together with them, especially if they are things they are unfamiliar with. My son and I worked together on this birthday card for grandpa and it boosted his confidence and happiness level. You can read from the post we have had some funny hiccups but I think that is where the fun and joy are. During festive seasons, we also conduct projects like christmas coasters and santa’s box to build the festive spirit in the air.

  7. Buy and use ready-made resources

    I know that as working-parents we are often hard for time. I am very grateful for ready-made resources that I can purchase and use with my child immediately. There are also many online sites and that you can visit for ideas too. A few that I visit often are:

Ending note – Be Open-Minded

Whatever creation that your child creates, praise them, and motivate them to create more. I think when it comes to art, it is not necessary to create a Picasso look-alike. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If we hold true to that belief, then all the pieces created by our child, are true masterpieces.

Love art, Love Life. 

Check out the 6 simple Artsy-tips given by C’s art teachers from The Art People.


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